The Legend of Justice and Diamonds

The impassioned story of the Jack of Diamonds and The Lady Justice is one of the greatest love stories that spans the ages.  Through their plight, we find out who and what we really are, and who and what we are not.

The Legend of Justice and Diamonds is finally revealed as chronicled through the recorded visions of The Creator's scribe, Acellus, the first angelic being created. His scrolls take us back into the past where future began, into an alternate reality during the sixth year reign of the first evil King who cared for none. This is the time of the first Earth, before the Earth as it is now; before the Creator fashioned angelic beings as we presently know them. It was during that time that the eternal struggle between good and evil actually began. From the void, the visions of Acellus detail two realms and yet a third: The Forest of Cards, where mankind's virtues reside; the earthly realm, under the evil dynasty of the King of Clubs; and the curious third realm, that of THE KEEPERS: the diviners of the cards. All the forces of Darkness and Light, both in the flesh and in spirit, are centered on two beings that would shape mankind and the second Earth to come: The Lady Justice and The Jack Of Diamonds. She was the moral virtue born from The Forest of Cards, and he the infamous outlaw, first-born of the King of Clubs-thought to have been murdered as an infant. Through their incredulous, impassioned trials, hidden through the ages and now revealed, we find out who and what we really are, and more importantly, who and what we are not.